privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

A notice about our privacy policy

We hold our customers’ privacy in the strictest confidence. We will protect any personal information that one provides upon embarking on this cruise in the following manner.

Personal Information Protection

We comply and follow any laws, ordinances or rules of conduct concerning the protection of personal information, as well as placing a supervisor to oversee our customers’ personal information. We aim to protect privacy and improve our services through appropriate supervision.

Gathering Personal Information

When gathering personal information, our company will inform the person in question of its intended purposes and will lawfully and correctly use it within the bounds of our business activities

Disclosure and Distribution of Personal Information

Our company will only use the personal information within the bounds of our intended purposes and will not disclose or distribute this information to a third party without the consent of the person in question excluding the following scenarios.
・In compliance of a law
・When it is necessary for the protection of a person’s life, body, or finances and it is difficult to attain the consent of the person in question

Security Provisions

Our company will strive to maintain our customers’ personal information safely and correctly, as well as protect personal information against unauthorised access, loss, destruction, manipulation, and information leaks.

Confirmation and Correction of Personal Information

On the occasion that a customer asks for confirmation, correction, or deletion of personal information, after confirming the identity of the person in question, we will comply as necessary.